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When you need sewer replacement, call us any time at Sewer Services LLC for quality service from our experienced NJ sewer plumbers.

From trenchless pipe bursting to large-scale sewer excavation, we’re always available to help you solve sewer problems by replacing the sewer main line.

When Will You Need to Call an NJ Sewer Replacement Contractor?

Most sewer main line problems can be solved with relatively minor sewer repairs, such as trenchless pipe lining. This works great for cracks, minor leaks, holes, and even tree root incursion. However, sewer relining only works when the pipe still has structural integrity. If the pipe has burst or collapsed, there’s not much that a CIPP liner can do to solve the problem.

For severe sewer pipe damage, you’ll probably need total or partial sewer replacement. If you’re worried about damage to your lawn or driveway, trenchless pipe bursting offers an effective trenchless solution with minimal disruption.

Some of the common reasons why NJ sewer plumbers will replace a sewer main line include:

  • *Sewer pipe collapse. Serious damage can cause a sewer line to fall apart completely, in which case it can’t be patched up with a pipe liner.
  • *Calcification and scale. A combination of the wearing down of protective layers inside metal pipes, plus mineral content in the local water, can lead to scale and calcification building up layers inside the sewer pipe. These accumulations of calcium and minerals can’t usually be safely and reliably removed. Instead, you’ll probably need sewer line replacement.

*Corrosion. Old metal sewer pipes corrode over time, and will eventually need to be replaced. Alternative materials like PVC are corrosion resistant, as are the fiberglass and resin liners used in CIPP sewer relining.

Trenchless Pipe Bursting: No-Dig Sewer Replacement

When the nature of the pipe damage and the surroundings soil qualities will allow it, our NJ sewer replacement contractors can use trenchess pipe bursting for sewer main line replacement. Instead of digging up the pipe to remove and replace it, we use a hydraulic bursting head to break a damaged pipe apart, push the pieces outward, and pull a new pipe into position.

Trenchess pipe bursting is a noninvasive, no-dig approach to sewer replacement, giving it many advantages over traditional sewer excavation.

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