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Looking for fast, reliable nj sewer repair contractors in north NJ? At Sewer Services LLC, we serve our local region with 24-hour service for emergency sewer repair, drain repairs, sewer cleaning, and more. That’s right– we’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, year-round. Weekends, holidays, late nights, and more– odd times are never a problem for our expert NJ sewer plumbers.

At Sewer Services LLC, we offer a full selection of sewer line repair services for local NJ homeowners and businesses, including:

*24 Hour Emergency Sewer Repair Service in New Jersey

*Sewer Relining

*Trenchless Sewer Pipe Bursting

*Commercial Sewer Repair

*Sewer Main Line Replacement

*Sewer Excavation

We’re always available for any sewer repair job, large or small. Need sewer pipe repair in NJ today? Call now for same-day service at any hour!

How to Tell if You Need NJ Sewer Service and Repair in your New Jersey Home

Sewer line problems can take you by surprise, and NJ homeowners aren’t always sure they need nj sewer pipe repairs until the problem is suddenly urgent. Sewer pipes can crack, corrode, and collapse, to say nothing of damage from nearby tree roots. The problems often start small, and since the sewer pipe is buried underground, you might not realize there’s a problem until things get serious.

So how can you tell if you need sewer repair service soon from a local NJ plumbing company? Some of the main signs of sewer problems include:

**Sewer backup. In a worst case scenario, wastewater and sewage that can’t flow out into the city sewer system can back up into your plumbing and out your drains, potentially causing water damage and introducing biohazardous bacteria.

*Multiple clogged drains. When your sewer line is damaged, your household drains will suddenly drain very slowly.

*Drains gurgling, bubbling, or spitting up water. If water comes out of your drains when you use a nearby plumbing fixture, you may have a problem with your sewer main line that will require professional sewer repairs by a licensed NJ sewer repair company.

*Moist areas or sinkholes on your property. When a sewer pipe bursts or collapses, water leaks out into the surrounding soil, a problem which can become noticeable to homeowners.

If you’re noticing these problems in your home, call us today for same-day sewer line repairs in NJ. The sooner you call a NJ sewer plumber, the less likely you are to have costly water damage to your home or business.

Your Options for NJ Sewer Repair

At Sewer Services LLC, we use several different techniques for residential and commercial sewer repair in NJ.

*Sewer pipe lining. Whenever possible, we prefer to use trenchless sewer repair techniques to fix the problem quickly without digging up your yard. Pipe lining allows us to insert a “pipe within a pipe” to patch up leaks and holes.

*Pipe bursting. Pipe bursting is a trenchless sewer repair technique that can replace a section of sewer pipe without excavation.

*Sewer excavation. Depending on the size and location of your sewer pipe, the qualities of the surrounding soil, and other factors, sewer excavation can sometimes be the safest choice for effective sewer repairs or sewer replacement.

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