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Septic tanks are susceptible to corrosive processes from household chemicals, acidic soils, and most of all, bacterial hydrogen sulfide. After anywhere from 15 to 50 years, you’ll need to replace the tank.

At Sewer Services LLC, we provide professional septic tank replacement in NJ, along with repairs and other septic services.

Should You Consider Septic to Main Sewer Line Conversion?

If your septic tank has worn out and can’t be fixed, septic tank replacement might not be the best choice after all. This might sound counterintuitive, but there’s a chance that you could actually benefit from converting your septic system to a main city sewer connection.

If your septic system was installed so long ago that your tank has worn out and corroded– especially if it’s made from fiberglass or concrete– there’s a chance that you may have access to recent public sewer infrastructure that was not available at the time of the septic system’s construction. As urban areas expand and city limits accommodate the changes in population density, new sewer utilities often become available in places that formerly relied on on-site septic systems.

Connecting your home to a city or county sewer line, instead of having a septic system, is generally considered superior.  Septic tanks can be messy, costly, maintenance-intensive, and when they break, they can be damaging by releasing pollutants and pathogens into groundwater or nearby bodies of water. Getting septic tank replacement in NJ and continuing to use a septic system can exacerbate these problems.

In fact, you may actually be required to connect to a nearby main sewer line when your existing septic system fails. In most areas of New Jersey, you’re required to connect if your property is within 300 feet of a sewer main. Fortunately, eliminating your septic system and connecting your home to a sewer utility can increase your home’s appeal and market value, making it a worthwhile investment to consider in the long run.

Septic System Replacement & More in NJ: Sewer & Septic Service Contractors

At Sewer SErvices LLC, we’ve made a name for ourselves as New Jersey’s foremost sewer, drain, and septic system contractors. We specialize in wastewater systems of all shapes and sizes, from massive municipal sewer systems to small residential septic tanks. We’re always available to talk to you about your needs for septic system repairs, septic tank replacement, and more.

Throughout north New Jersey, we offer a full range of local sewer and septic tank services, including:


  • Septic system installation
  • Septic tank replacement
  • Commercial septic services
  • Septic to main sewer line conversion
  • Sewer line repair & replacement
  • New sewer pipe installation
  • Commercial drainage services
  • Municipal sewer services


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