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Sewer Excavation for Sewer Repair & Replacement in NJ

Sewer excavation involves removing soil to dig a trench, exposing the sewer pipe so that it can be repaired or replaced. Although many sewer repair and even sewer replacement jobs can be accomplished with minimally invasive trenchless sewer repair techniques, some circumstances will still require sewer excavation.

Our NJ sewer plumbers may need to excavate for sewer main line repairs or replacement in NJ. Our sewer excavation process for sewer installation and sewer pipe replacement includes:

  1. Inspecting the slope and elevation of the area where we will be laying a new pipe. This helps us install the pipe in a way that minimizes the risks of sewer collapse, sewer pipe bellying, or sewer line collapse.
  2. Calculating the pitch and drop per foot for the new sewer pipe. The drop per foot should be about ¼”. This ensures that solids and liquids will flow at the same rate through the sewer pipe, so that solid materials won’t clog the pipeline.
  3. Excavating a trench, removing loose soil to smooth the surface along the bottom. If the local soil is loose and soft, sand may be added.
  4. For sewer replacement, the old pipe is removed. A new pipe is laid at the bottom of the trench.
  5. After installation, sand or gravel is laid over the top of the pipe, and the soil is then backfilled.

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Trenchless Alternatives to Sewer Excavation

In many cases, you may not need any sewer excavation at all. Trenchless sewer repair and sewer replacement options like sewer relining and pipe bursting can fix problems, without the need for large scale trench digging. At Sewer Services LLC, we prefer to use trenchless technologies whenever possible, to minimize disruption for NJ homeowners and businesses while keeping costs down.

To find out more about trenchless sewer repairs as an alternative to sewer pipe excavation, call us any time at Sewer Services LLC.

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